Fountain Project Gains Top Award

As the luminaries of the carved and dimensional stone industry gather to learn the latest about their craft; the Marble Institute of America (MIA) gathered to present the Pinnacle Awards.

The Marble Institute of America is the gold standard of quality for the dimensional stone industry world-wide. They are involved in every aspect of research, case studies and support to those working in the craft of applied natural stone in architecture. Annually MIA issues a call for entries, world-wide of projects thought to be the best expression of the use of natural stone. For 2011, the submissions came from all over the globe, including: Ireland, Canada, Thailand and the United States.

Nick Blantern was notified in the fall of 2010 that his company (Britishstone) had been selected to receive the Pinnacle Award of Excellence for his work in recreating the Spirit of the Ocean Fountain at the Santa Barbara Courthouse.

This also meant that the Project was in the running to receive the Grande Pinnacle Award because  it represented “...a fine, and all too rare example of commitment to excellence in art and in fabrication. Fine art and exquisite craft meet in this unique effort. The project’s quality and beauty culminate to a wonderful result in a project meaningful to the broad population.”  

grand pinnacle awardThe Legacy Foundation is very proud of “our” carvers for winning this prestigious award and to the Project Team, lead by architect Robert Ooley for being awarded the Grande Pinnacle Award!   The project donors should be very proud that their commitment to supporting this critical project has been recognized globally as representing the craft of master stone carving.

The Marble Institute of America’s prestigious Pinnacle Awards honor stone companies around the world for projects that stand out above the rest...Nick Blantern of Britishstone received the Pinnacle Award of Excellence for the carving and installation of the Spirit of the Ocean.

Robert Ooley, as Architect of Record, received the Grande Pinnacle Award on behalf of the Project Team.

Did You Know...

The Santa Barbara Courthouse took just under three years to construct at a cost of $1,350,000; which would be approximately $20,520,000 in 2020.