Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Angelique Davis, President
Rodney Baker, Vice President & Docent Council Liason
David DeSelm, Secretary 
Denise Sanford, Treasurer

Nicole R. Biergiel, MA
Renee M. Fairbanks, CFLS
Elizabeth McAdams
Robert Ooley, FAIA

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CLF Board of Directors




The Courthouse Legacy Foundation Board of Directors pictured left to right include:
Nicole Biergiel, David DeSelm, Secretary, Renee Fairbanks, Angelique Davis, President,
Elizabeth McAdams, Robert Ooley, FAIA, and Rodney Baker, Vice President &
Docent Council Liaison. Denise Sanford, Treasurer (not pictured)








Honorary Directors

David Anderson
Bill Mahan, AIA
Shiela & Frank McGinity
Alice Van de Water


Founding Directors

Hon. Frank Ochoa
Robert Ooley, FAIA
Hon. Naomi Schwarz

Did You Know...

The sandstone plinth is actually cement plaster textured to resemble sandstone.