Mural Room (2012 - 2015)

Examples of the numerous
damaged areas on the 4,200 square foot mural covering all four walls of the mural room:

mural room damage
Cracking paint on a scroll detail of the mural

mural room damage
Paint is literally crumbling off of the mural surface

The second floor of the Historic Santa Barbara Courthouse houses a project dear to our hearts, the restoration of the magnificent 4,200 square feet of hand painted murals. The lighting in the Mural Room is restored and updated and reopened to the public May 31, 2015.


The total cost for the Mural Room repairs was almost $575,000 and was completed on time and under budget.


Following an electrical fire in 2010, the mural needed to be cleaned due to smoke damage.  It was during the cleaning that we discovered the extent of deterioration of the canvas, the paint, and the plaster. 


We started our Mural Room fundraising campaign in late December 2012. We completed the restoration of the mural ahead of schedule and are finalized lighting restoration and restoration on time.

Read this wonderful article from SB Season Magazine about the history of this magnificent room. Click here to read the article.




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Did You Know...

Besides the Law Library, two original courtrooms and the Mural Room, the Hall of Records is the most ornately decorated space of the Santa Barbara Courthouse.