Montecito Journal Seen Around Town: Fiesta with a Flair

The La Fiesta Pequeña or Little Fiesta is actually a Big Fiesta when it comes to Santa Barbara’s celebrations of its Spanish and Mexican heritage. It’s the official kick-off party attended by hundreds filling the lawn in front of the Santa Barbara Mission with blankets and chairs and coolers. When the clock strikes 8 pm, the Mission bells ring out, and it’s time to turn the Mission steps into a stage and the dancing begins. 

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Did You Know...

The Mural Room, once the hearing room for the County Board of Supervisor’s is home to one of the largest installed painted murals in the United States. At just over 4,200 square feet, this mural depicts the early settlement years of California prior to becoming the 49th State. The Mural was painted in four months’ time by Daniel Sayre Groesbeck for just over $9,000.