Courthouse Legacy Foundation Holds Enchanting Fiesta Party

Courthouse Legacy Foundation Holds Enchanting Fiesta Party

At the 7th Annual Courthouse Legacy Foundation’s Fiesta Party on Friday, August 5, members and other supporters mingled and dined in the Courthouse and watched Noches de Ronda being performed in the Sunken Gardens below. This fundraising event helps support the Foundation’s mission of preserving and restoring the Courthouse.

The cocktail hour was held in the second floor Loggia and in the historic Mural Room. Some popped up to the “El Mirador” clock tower to take in the magnificent views of the city, mountains, and sea at the sweet time of twilight. An extensive Mexican buffet dinner was offered in the Loggia throughout the evening.

The short program included remarks by El Presidente J.C. Gordon, who expressed his gratitude to the Foundation for the valuable work it does. Jean-Michel Cousteau, this year’s grand marshal of the historical parade, gave a brief but impassioned talk on the importance of preserving our oceans. This was an especially fitting topic given this year’s Fiesta’s theme of “Santa Barbara: The Coastal Frontier.”

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Did You Know...

The Sunken Garden is host to community-wide celebrations around the year. What is often mistaken about this magic place is its layout of stone walls—many are told it is the basement of the former courthouse prior to the 1925 earthquake. This is myth. The sandstone blocks that form the current day landscape were recycled from the older courthouse buildings after the 1925 earthquake.